Vent Scrubber

PFEC’s Vertical 2-Phase Vent Scrubbers are designed to handle gas and liquids in applications where it is essential to remove liquid in the gas prior to the gas being vented or flared to atmosphere.

The first section of the separation process is the portion of the vessel around the inlet where the energy of the entering well-stream is dissipated. This section is used to make the initial separation of liquid from gas using deflectors or impingement baffles. The bulk of the liquid is diverted to the liquid accumulation section. The large liquid droplets immediately start falling as a result of gravitational force. The next section is immediately beyond the inlet deflector, between the liquid accumulation section and the gas outlet, and is called the secondary separation section. In this section, the velocity of the gas and liquid is reduced because of the increased cross-sectional area. This allows the liquid particles to begin falling toward the liquid accumulation section as a result of gravitational force on the mass of the liquid particle. Vent scrubbers are designed to remove liquid particles to a size of 400 to 600 microns and, generally, do not include a mist eliminator section. The last section is the area where the collected liquid from the primary separation section, the secondary separation section and the mist extractor can be held for a short period of time and then sent to storage.