Health and Safety

Production Facilities Equipment Co. (PFEC) is committed to the health and safety of our employees, contractors, clients and visitors who work or visit our worksite. We place the highest of value on our responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy working environment to maintain an injury-free workplace.

By demonstrating the commitment to Health and Safety through the stakeholders and management leadership, we employ an effective accident- and illness-prevention program that involves all its employees and contractors in the effort to eliminate workplace hazards.


Training is key to the success of any Health and Safety program.

Focusing on training, not just classroom presentation, but hands-on as well, we focus on maintaining the highest level of readiness, building confidence, and increasing our employees’ level of safety.


At PFEC, our focus is on the highest level of safety. Measuring performance by utilizing leading and lagging indicators, maintaining quality safety equipment and tools, and encouraging an open line of communication for all of our employees and contractors allows us to continue to build a strong safety culture and maintain a safe working environment.